Home for Sale in Willow Glen

willow glenCornered into Highway 280 and US Route 87, Willow Glen is its own little moderately upscale community in San Jose. It is warm and welcoming, which is sometimes hard to come by in the city. The area hosts a somewhat pedestrian-friendly downtown community on Lincoln Avenue between Willow Street and Minnesota Avenue. There are a variety of restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, and chain stores. What’s great about the area is most stores and retail businesses are locally owned. If that isn’t enough, residents are only three miles west of Downtown San Jose, the melting pot of Silicon Valley and all of its pleasures.

Willow Glen’s residential ambiance is an ideal setting for new families. There are a number of unique and beautiful homes to choose from for the prospective resident. Many homes are of the Victorian and Spanish-style and usually built in the 1920’s and 1930’s. They are a blend of one and two stories, with some quaint and modern looking house fronts. Properties are a bit larger than the average San Jose community. Lots tend to yield lush, green tree-lined streets.

The community of Willow Glen is a fun place to live with its current population at a little over 78,000. In fact, during the holidays it is known for its yearly Christmas Tree Lights decoration tradition. Many residents participate by decorating christmas trees in their front yards, decorating them in multicolored lights which, when done completely, can be a fun place to drive through. There are also other annual street festivals and farmers markets which draw hundreds if not thousands to the neighborhoods streets. For students, many locals attend the San Jose City College, which just so happens to skirt the northern end of the neighborhood. Many students use this two-year college as a stepping stone into the University of California school system.

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